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Vopak is the world's largest independent provider tank storage provider and its history goes back to almost 400 years ago. Due to its rich history, it is essential to add a touch of timelessness to its current corporate identity. By integrating timber, glass and steel materials to the wall finishes, it creates a sense of modernity that can withstand time and be timeless.

The design was inspired by 7 core values of Vopak. We design working spaces as well as spaces that are entertaining. Our designs improve concentration; enhance communication, induced collaboration and homely environment.

Elements derived from the essence of Vopak are translated into experiences to heighten the awareness of the seven core values of Vopak in each and every individual entering into the office. It is an important mean of effectively playing up the working environment and therefore, endowing the work space with a lively, dynamic, fresh and fashionable atmosphere.

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