Award winning office design HSL Waterfront Headquarters Singapore

Office Location: Penjuru Road
Size: 40,000 Sqft
Duration: 16 weeks
Types of Service: Interior Design and Build (Read More)

Firstly our design intention for HSL office is to bring out elegance, smart, energetic and a spacious space in a modern corporate look. Secondly is to create a vibrant office environment to attract younger engineers and to give a lasting impression for their clients. Therefore our design team have created a list of design objectives and direction that we want to achieve for our client.

  • Create an open workstations with common areas.
  • Promote interaction and improve teamwork in decision making.
  • Allow Flexibility in changing the office laout.
  • Bring greenery into the space to reduce the usage of lights
  • Express the corporate identity by using colours and brand visuals
  • Improve the relationship of employees by creating more interactions area
  • In addition to the standard meeting rooms, fun brainstorming rooms are created for greater collaboration.

International Design Awards