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Carpet Care for Office

To keep your carpet clean and looking like new, a combination of cleaning and maintenance methods should be tailored to your facility’s needs.
Cleaning frequencies are based on the specific needs of areas in your office.
Most of soiling and staining starts at entrance ways.

Barrier Mats

Barrier mats are an important part of maintenance system. Capturing soil at entrance points and eliminating it with an aggressive vacuuming schedule, prevents the spread of soil to other areas within the facility.

Pile Lifting

Pile lifting lift crushed carpet pile and loosen dry soil.
Choose looped carpet tiles as it require less pile lifting and perform pile lifting as a precondition carpets for general cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaning

Carpet Care

A good vacuuming program is essential to the success of your carpet maintenance efforts. Effective daily vacuuming reduces the frequency of periodic maintenance procedures required to maintain clean carpet.
Regular vacuuming helps to lift and restore pile.
Proper equipment and technique are critical to the success of a vacuuming program.
Heavy traffic areas may require more frequent vacuuming.

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