New Life is a non-profit, voluntary welfare organization, committed to serving the community in order to build the next generation.

Office Location: Woodlands Square
Size: 4,000 Sqft
Duration: 10 weeks
Types of Service: Interior Design and Build

Design Concept

With such exceptional objective, Traartgroup wished to design around few concepts that originated from the organization’s character. Firstly uplifting, secondly nurturing and lastly engaging.

We endeavored to create a space for creative collaboration that brings people together, while supporting variety of meetings and activities. Therefore main preferences are given to the communal areas which are more adaptable. These spaces enable different choice approaches for works. For those who enjoy working in an informal space, they can use the open lounge as informal working place and a place to eat and hangout with co-workers at the same time. This communal area, which is being equipped with audiovisual system, also provide a platform for weekly larger group meeting and charity meets.

Above all, the meeting rooms is position directly next to the open lounge, separate with glass panels so its visually blends into one space. This design approach encourages the people to do meetings and gatherings more often in an informally and more relaxed atmosphere.

One of the design scopes feature an open workspace, zone to support the differently activities and styles of work to be undertaken by staff. The Counseling rooms are design in cheerful colors adding personalized touch to the space by wallpapering carpet grass on each side of the wall.

In conclusion, the key goal is to enable different degrees of linkage between spaces according to need, brings the prevailing challenge for office design to achieve balance of privacy and integration, to significance in New Life’s office.