Office Space Calculation

How much Office Space?

Office Space Requirements

Office spaces is getting more and more expensive in most of the cities around the world.
It is important to test fit your space before commit to any spaces.
How much office space do you really need? Calculate your current space requirement and growth projection.
Understand your operation requirements is also important because it increases the efficiency of space used.
Here’s a simple table for your space calculation. It will gives you a rough idea the size of office space you may require.

Office Calculation Table

TypesSpace ComponentsArea
Reception AreaSmall Reception Area (4 visitors)
Big Reception Area (8 visitors)
30 m2
45 m2
Meeting Spaces6 Pax Meeting Room
10 Pax Meeting Room
20 Pax Meeting Room
15 m2
20 ms
40 m2
Enclosed RoomsStandard Office
Large Office
13 m2
20 m2
Open Plan WorkstationsStandard Desking
Large Workstation
4 m2
7 m2
OthersUtilities Room
Filing Room (450 Arch Files)
Server Room (2 rack)
10 Pax Pantry
20 Pax Pantry
15 m2
15 m2
10 m2
30 m2
50 m2
Office Space Requirements

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