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Interior Design Concept for Vopak

Interior design concept for Vopak office is to create elegance, smart, energetic and a spacious space in a modern corporate look.

Interior Design Concept

  • Open workstations with common areas.
  • Promote, interact and improve the teamwork.
  • Allow flexibility in changing the office layout.
  • bringing the greenery into the space and reducing usage of lights.
  • Express the corporate identity by using colors and brand visuals.
  • Create brainstorming rooms and spaces for employees to interact with each other.

Themes for the meeting rooms

We have designed 7 different themes for the meeting room. The meeting rooms are designed according to Vopak’s history of how the company came about.

Office Interior Design at Vopak

Vopak is a company that stores chemicals and oil in strategically located terminals using state of the art technology.

The Barrel Room and Warehouse Room were inspired by how the substances are stored. In the olden days, it was stored in wooden barrels located in warehouses. As time progresses, substances were stored in tin colored barrels.

These substances where miners extract were also found underground. The Underground Room was inspired by bringing in the ambience and the environment of what lies underneath.

Employees move around the storage facilities site by bicycles to travel from one place to another. Bicycle Room was inspired by their mode of transport around the site.

Pipe room was inspired by how the chemicals travel from its source to its terminal.

The Jetty room was inspired by where the terminals are located mainly near the shore for easy transfer of chemicals brought from ships.

We do not forget where Vopak originate. Its main headquarters came from Netherlands. Tulip Room symbolizes the flowers that were grown and found vastly there.

We are honored to be the recipients for the International Design Awards for Vopak Office

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