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Interior Design Process

Our Interior Design Process

3D Design Proposal
3D Perspective of Reception Area

During our interior design process, Firstly we undertake a thorough site analysis. Secondly we conduct feasibility studies of the current office interior. Thirdly we identify more informations from the client;

  • Understanding the requirements
  • Define project budgetary
  • Identify growth projections
  • Develop the right concept

A picture speaks a thousand words. At Traart, our interior designer put in efforts in generating realistic 3D perspective for our clients.
Our clients will get to see almost the exact look and feel of their office. This allows the client to better understand the design concept therefore have a better feel of the space after completion.

Fitting out new offices involved a lot of decision, from type of office space to type of concept. It is always good to have a interior designer onboard right from the start, so that we will be able to assist and give recommendation to you in every process. including deciding which location suits best.

Space Planning and Design

  1. Testing fit your office before signing the tenancy agreement allows you to have a full understand of the usage of the spaces.
  2. Mood boards relate clearer picture on how the office will look like before the start of the 3D rendering, in terms of colours and feel.
  3. 3D Perspectives allow the client to have a full understanding of the interior design, concept, look, feel of the space.
    Client will be able to see the effects of space using different materials and colours. It also assist the clients to make a faster and easier decision with our 3D perspectives. (more info on our service)

Traart was established in 2001, we are the first interior architectural design firm dedicated exclusively to corporate office interior design. Our principals are equipped with almost 20 years of experience therefore we are able to provide creative solution for all our projects.

Winner of the International Design Awards

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