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Office Design Request Form

Fitting out a new office is more than moving from old to new space. This Office Design Request Form is designed to help you to ensure that your new office plans and fit out goes along with your operation and your needs for the many years ahead.

Covid19 have disrupted lots of businesses in Singapore and around the World. However it also creates a new way where people should behave socially and in public spaces.

We understand that sometime it is just easier to meet up for a discussion. However at this current situation, it is better to get your proposal online.

Therefore we have created a office checklist. A easy step by step guide to make sure your new office fit out covers everything that you need.

Office space requirement checklist

Space RequirementsYesNoRemarks / Comments
1) Reception Area / Receptionist
2) How many external meeting rooms / pax per room
3) Product display area
4) Dry / Wet Pantry (list of equipments)
5) Internal meeting rooms / discussion rooms
6) Quiet room / phone booths
7) Special Room if any
8) Number of workstations incl. departments and number of pax
9) Number of manager / director rooms
10) Amount of storage spaces required
11) Server room
– Number of racks
– 24 hours air-conditioning
– FM200 requirements
12) Utility area
13) Break out area
Technical Requirements
1) Door Access System ( Card / Pin / Finger Print / Facial Recognition )
2) Network Infrastructure Requirements (Cat 6 / Cat 7)
3) Equipments requirements;
Video Conference, sound system, CCTV,
AP, Phones, Switches, Server Racks etc.

Tell us about what kind of office design you like

Office design plays an important part about creating an office identities and culture for your employee. Tell us what kind of look and feel you like or simply choose one or a few photos that you like by circle the photos

Simply filled up the Space Requirement Checklist, circle the photos that you like and email us with your new space floor plan and some photos of the site (if possible) together with your contact details. Our principal will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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