2023 Interior design awards singapore bronze

Office Location: Galaxis Building
Size: 38,000 Sqft
Duration: In Phases
Types of Service: Interior Design and Build

Design Concept

The new office was designed with intention to reflect ResMed branding identity throughout the space. The design concept symbolically depict the ideology and values of ResMed- Innovative, Positive change & well connected.

Embracing organisational culture and approach on different ways of working, the new space reimagines ways of working as an “office of the future” that encourages movement and flexibility to meet the needs of each person, team or task.

Traartgroup aim to foster an environment teaming with youth, vitality and energy, and characteristic of “sensory flow” concept to the space.

Focusing on ResMed branding and human interactions, Traartgroup hope to promote integration, providing a place for work, socializing, and sharing of resources. Meanwhile, we also aim to create a light, stress-free atmosphere where employees can enjoy the balance of life and work.

We redefine the boundaries of space with an open design, solid barriers with various openings, allowing “flow” in the space.