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Office Workstation Maintenance

Office workstations and furniture, How long can it last?

Office workstation and furniture will eventually wear and tear over time. However, you can slow down the process by taking the extra precaution in treating your furniture the right way.

  • Clean all food or liquid spillage as they occur. The longer they remain on the surface the more damages it could caused.
  • Coaster are very useful to prevent scratches, heat transfer and watermarks when used correctly.
  • Always lift furniture because dragging weakens the joints.
  • Always remember to use the right cleaner for the right material.
  • Placing products near window or areas with direct sunlight would result in a faster wear and tear rate as prolonged exposure to extreme temperature will result in faster degeneration.

Workstation and Furniture Table Tops

Laminate and Melamine Top

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  • Avoid placing hot items onto the table directly.
  • Ceramics, including unglazed materials and other abrasive objects can caused scratching.
  • Do not slide any cups or bowl across table surface.
  • Abrasive pads, scouring powders may permanently dull and scratch the surface.
  • Never use cleaners containing acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorite. there cleaner will corrode and permanently discolour the surface.

Glass Table tops

Glass can be cleaned using soft cloth. Periodically polish the glass with crushed newspaper for added shine.

  • Metal scrapers, blades or steel wool may scratched on glass surface.
  • Do not allow water or cleaning fluids to remain in contact with the glass for long periods.
  • Abrasive cleaning solutions or materials should be avoided.
  • Glass should only be cleaned when cool to touch and should never be cleaned while in direct sunlight.
  • When using a squeegee or a lint free cloth, ensure that no abrasive particles are trapped between the glass and cleaning materials. Care should be taken to ensure that no metal parts of the cleaning equipment make contact with the glass surface.

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