Post Covid19 Office Design

Post Covid19 Office Design

Post Covid19 Effect on Office Design

Post Covid19 Office Design: Covid19 have change how most of the companies operate and how we design offices. Firstly, it pushes more businesses to go digital. Secondly, it pushes more companies to allow employees to work from home. Thirdly, it encourage business owners to rethink about their business operations and use of office spaces. In conclusion, Post Covid19 will make us use our office differently.

For instance, more people are working from home. More people are using Video Conference as a default communication tools.

Modifying your office space

Office Interior Design – PODS
  • Constant reminder (such as signages/ posters) around the office.
  • Place acrylic sneeze guard at required area
  • Re-layout workstation to meet social distancing.
  • Remove chairs/ sofas and tape the table that is not being used
  • Limited people at shared spaces such as pantry by removing extra chairs.
  • Divide office into different zones to limit people in each zones
  • Hand sanitizers and basic cleaning detergent will be placed on every tables.
  • Anti-bacterial coating will be used on places commonly touched by people such as lift buttons.
  • It is also possible to re-arrange carpet tiles to divide prohibited areas.

Post Covid19 effects on Business Operations

Office Interior Design – Lockers
  • Employees to work from home if possible.
  • More flexible working hours for employees to avoid peak hours.
  • Employee to take their temperature twice daily
  • Employees to have different lunch hours to avoid lunch crowd.
  • Medical mask to be readily available at all area.
  • Increase cleaning frequency of office space.
  • Close all leisure spaces that have close interaction.
  • Meet clients via video conference.
  • Restrict the number of people in a meeting room and separate them into different rooms and link up by video conferencing if require.
  • Introduce E invoice to prevent the handling of paper invoices.

Post Covid19 Office Interior Design

Office interior design will never be the same as before. Firstly, Workstation will be spaced apart. Secondly, Layout will be more flexible to allow flexible work arrangement. Thirdly, Big meeting room may not be required with more people using Video Conference. In conclusion, office will become more flexible, smarter and safer for all employees.

  • Workstation area will be located in places with less/ no traffic.
  • Human traffic will be in a singular circulation flow to reduce contact between each other.
  • Panels will be more commonly used in places with more people, this is help block the transmission of droplets.
  • Layout of office spaces may no longer be fixed, meeting room can be use as workstation area when there is no meeting.
  • Plants and cabinets will be use as a way to maintain social distancing.

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