Office Pantry Design for Abacus

Vinyl Floor for Office and Pantry

Can we use vinyl floor for office and pantry?
Yes, vinyl floor offers great wear resistance with easy maintenance. The material is anti-static and easy to clean.
The embossed clear vinyl wear layer is formulated to protect the design, disguise scuffs and scratches and provide durability and stain resistance.

Laminate floor looks more natural and feels better to walk on bare foot. However it is not suitable for kitchen or area where there are possibility to be in contact with water.

As a result vinyl floor works better for offices. It is a great product for office pantry and lobby area where there are high possibilities of in contact to water.

Vinyl Floor Maintenance

  • Regular vacuuming will keep loose dirt and grit from the floor
  • Regular mopping will remove soil or stains that vacuuming does not remove
  • Do not push heavy trolleys over the vinyl floor. Cover the floor with plywood or hardboard if needed
  • Do not use concentrated cleaner.
  • Do not scrub the floor with metal or plastic scrubber
  • Remove spills and scuffs as soon as possible after they occur with a nuetral cleaner and sponge
  • Do not drag furniture with sharp edges accross the floor
  • Do not use acetone, strong alkaline cleaning agents, scouring powder, strong solvent or abrasive cleaning pads
  • Maintain glides and castors so that they are free from embedded dirt and grit that can scratch the floor.
  • Make sure castors or glides are smooth, flat and made from non-staining material

With these simple steps, your vinyl floor will stay beautiful for a longer period of time.

Most modern office projects uses vinyl floor because of the advantages. You will be able to see some of our projects in our portfolio.
To understand how we can assist you on designing your new office. Contact our designers now.

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