Warehouse office interior design for an environmental engineering company with more than ten years of experience and have completed more than 1,000 projects, in the field of water and waste management.

Office Location: Tuas
Size: 10,000 Sqft
Duration: 12 weeks
Types of Service: Design and Build

Design Concept

Sanli’s former headquarter was a reflection of the company’s previous business model of “closed concept” thinking. The design of the office had no space for collaborations and limited meeting rooms available. When the company recently decided to relocate to a bigger building, their updated philosophy of openness and collaborations was built into the new office design.

Traartgroup was tasked to design the three floors of their office that encompassed a total of 8,000 sq. ft.
To design the space that reflects Sanli’s commitment to employee collaboration and creative teamwork, Traartgroup introduced low partitions allow open sightlines workbench systems and partitioned private office rooms are with glass fronted. Taking advantage of the three floors plate to create “team” spaces where the staff can meet and share ideas. For instance, meeting pods along the waiting area of 1st and 2nd floor are designated to optimize employee interconnectivity in a contemporary, vibrant and versatile working environment.

The goals for this project were to elaborate flexible meeting spaces, zones that encourage interaction, reinforce functional workspaces and create environmental awareness by introducing green wall, efficient lighting controls and recycled & green materials.

Traartgroup overcome challenges created by the building itself, as it was an industrial building which consist of only two floors therefore A&A works are needed to reconstruct into a three floor building. The floors functionality was driven by the needs of this over 100-person company. Each floor was identified with its own color and outfitted with workstations, various small meeting rooms and common service areas such as pantry, copy center, locker area and break out spaces.

Sanli’s new office embraced energetic, bright, flexible and functionality, providing a pleasant working environment that overthrow the traditional office design that they accustomed to.